Frédéric Gillet Plastic in high altitude lakes

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Dauphiné Released Article – 24 June 2019 – Antoine CHANDELLIER We knew that the oceans were contaminated by plastic and micro-debris that poison marine organisms, now researchers are looking into the presence of this pollution in an environment that is far removed from the sources of emissions : altitude lakes. Last week, the one from Muzelle (Isere), in Venosc, in the Ecrins National Park, has been investigated by the Plastilac program. Beginning of July, it will be the turn of that of Anterne, in Passy, in the chain of Fiz (Haute-Savoie), another site isolated from the network “Sentinel lakes”. Research focuses on the presence of micro-plastics. A first in fresh water, the aim of which will be to determine the intensity of the atmospheric transfer of these physical pollutants to high altitude areas., and quantify the stock present in aquatic environments. The Plastilac project is supported by the Aqualti association, who conducted similar research in the Arctic. By Antoine Chandellier – 24 June 2019 at 07:45 | Updated 24 June 2019